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      Hello, welcome to the official website of GUANG XIN PLASTIC (JIANDE) CO,LTD.



      Complete product categories to meet the needs


      Replacing steel with plastic, energy saving and efficient

      Custom Process

      Meet high quality requirements, one-stop service is more intimate

      • Call Us

        Free consultation, personal contact to understand customer needs

      • Reaching The Intention

        Design formula according to customer requirements

      • Field Sample

        Provide samples and quickly supply on-site samples

      • Custom Build

        Determining standards, locking formula mass production

      • Product Shipment

        Efficient production, timely delivery of logistics, supply guarantee

      • After Sales Service

        Quick response after sale, solve the problem within 24 hours


      Learn about dyeing and modified plastic frontier information here.

      About Us

      Is a technology company

      GUANG XIN PLASTIC (JIANDE) CO,LTD. is located in Qianshan Lake (Xin'an River) with beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery. It is located in Shouchang Economic Development Zone of Jiande City, within the 2-hour traffic circle of the provincial capital Hangzhou. Xin’an River, where the German government is located, is only 8 kilometers away and 150 kilometers away from Xiaoshan International Airport. Jinqian Railway, Hangxinjing Expressway, 320, 330 National Road and Shouchang Town meet, and it is the central hub for large and medium-sized cities such as Hangzhou, Jinhua and Zhangzhou. The traffic is very convenient.

      Packing Machine

      Making Machine

      PP packing belt production line

      Food Packaging Machine

      Masterbatch Workshop

      Masterbatch Workshop

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